Easter Surprise Featuring Alyssa Reece - Virtual Real Porn

Easter Surprise Featuring Alyssa Reece - Virtual Real Porn

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  • 05 Apr 2021
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Your hot girlfriend, Alyssa Reece, has been swamped with work lately. She’s hardly had time to pamper herself, let alone just sit back and relax for the past… you don’t even know how long it’s been since you saw her take a break! So, you get the sweetest idea. Why not surprise her with an Easter Day surprise? Maybe some egg hunting fun, then dinner in the evening. However, Alyssa wants to hunt for a different kind of eggs. Fuck dinner— your girlfriend wants you fuck the stress out of her instead! Your lovely brunette babe gets on the bed and starts seducing you with a striptease, talking dirty, and drawing you in with those beautiful eyes. Then, things take a hardcore turn as she begins blowing your hard cock, sliding it in and out of her hungry mouth as she rubs her cunt. One look at your beloved and slut, and you can’t contain yourself anymore! You bend her over and start banging her doggy style before switching to passionate missionary. Then, Alyssa Reece takes charge by fucking you reverse cowgirl style and taking your dick as deep into her womb as possible. Finally, shoot a massive cumshot into her open mouth, and she finally gets the stress relief she’s been craving for.

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