Duchess Of Pork - MilfVR

Duchess Of Pork - MilfVR

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  • Studio: MilfVR (154 videos)
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  • 02 Jan 2020
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Oi, mate! So you're feeling a bit knackered and you stop in at the local pub for a pint. Well, it turns out it's owned by McKenzie Lee, a divorced MILF who really needs a right good shagging. She's loaded since she got the pub in the divorce, she bought herself a pair of big plastic tits, and now she's looking for some hot younger studs to fuck like mad. It's hard to imagine anybody divorcing someone as hot and slutty as McKenzie, especially when they're dedicated enough to the mature bimbo lifestyle that they get implants and go totally cock crazy. She's turning Nottingham into Nuttingham as soon as she gets naked.

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