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Desperate Monroe And The Panty Thief Featuring Indica Monroe - VR Hush

Desperate Monroe And The Panty Thief Featuring Indica Monroe - VR Hush

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  • 29 Apr 2021
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Indica Monroe is the woman of your dreams. She is one thicc babe. She has pale blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes but more than that her body is A plus! She has a really great ass and a huge set of boobs. She looks great in anything she wears and your step brother is one lucky dude because Indica Monroe is his wife! You have been always checking her out and you know she knows that you are doing that. For some reason, you feel that she wants you back. You know that your step brother does not treat her right and is always away on business or whatever. You have been staying with them for a few weeks so you know what is happening around there and that you can make your move anytime soon. Everytime you are in the room together, the two of you feel the sexual tension there. Great for you is that she is desperate to be touched because she has not been fucked in months! Great for you is that she has not stopped thinking about your cock. So today is different, the two of you are in the same room and Indica Monroe just made a move on you! She goes to you and starts flirting with you. She just can not take her hands off of you, she slides her hands down to your cock and starts stroking it before she puts her lips around it and sucks hard. You are groaning because it feels really good but what else is good is that Indica is really looking for the pleasure she is used to. So she wants to sit on your cock now. She does just that and wow, her pussy is tight and wet! She rides your cock real good and is just begging to cum!

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