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Couples Retreat featuring Julie Kay - VR Bangers

Couples Retreat featuring Julie Kay - VR Bangers

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  • Studio: VR Bangers (328 videos)
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  • 10 Nov 2017
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You’ve never paid much attention to the Valentine’s Day. For you, it’s always been a commercial holiday like any other, where gigantic companies are ripping people off in big marketing campaigns. But will your Valentine’s Day be full of shitty cupids and hearts this time too? In the world of VR Porn life is never that boring. Your beloved girl decided to surprise you this year and take on a romantic Valentine’s Day trip. You pack your bags and go out to get some time together and regain your passion in a long term relationship. After spending the romantic evening with each other, it is time to go to the room, for what you couldn’t have waited the whole long evening. You were suspecting that your girlfriend, Julie Kay, is preparing something, but could it be a hardcore porn scene like in Virtual Reality Porn? You will find out soon enough. Your beloved throws you on the bed, gets your zipper down and grabs your big cock. She sucks it up until it gets hard to strip off her clothes and show you her sexy underwear, after seeing which even more blood flows between your legs. She plays with it in her mouth for a moment longer, doing the deepthroat and making her saliva run down her cheeks. Julie sits on your dick as she starts to ride you while looking straight into your eyes as her firm breasts are jumping in front of your gaze.

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