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Clothes Off, Heels On - Regina Sparks - Virtual Taboo

Clothes Off, Heels On - Regina Sparks - Virtual Taboo

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  • 19 Mar 2019
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Today on Virtual Taboo, Imagine your surprise after a long day of classes when you come home to find your sexy stepsister Regina Sparks waiting in a tiny robe and her hottest fuck-me heels. With your parents out of town on holiday, your smoking hot new stepsister is lonely and looking for some fun. Though she could have her choice of men to play with, she wants to stay in and get some without leaving home. She leans seductively against the bedroom door and drops her robe to reveal a gorgeous black bra and panty set. Her intentions are painfully clear and you aren't about to say no, but as much as she wants to fuck, stepsis wants to tease you first. She wants you to sit and watch, to enjoy her long legs, and her firm breasts. To finally get a good look at the amazing ass you have fantasized about ever since your father married her mother. She strips out of her bra to show you her big firm boobs and then slides her panties down so you can get a look at her perfectly shaved, dripping wet pussy. It is all you can do not to carry her into the bedroom and fuck her silly, but she is setting the pace. Your sexy stepsister wants you to stroke your cock while she rubs her clit. She wants you both to feel the same longing she feels. Neither of you can stop until you both cum harder than ever before. But that is just the beginning.

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