Chloe Can Pop Your Cherry! with Chloe Cherry - VR Allure

Chloe Can Pop Your Cherry! with Chloe Cherry - VR Allure

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  • Studio: VR Allure (59 videos)
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  • 21 Mar 2021
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Chloe Cherry is the quintessential American teen. Impossibly petite— so tiny, you’re pretty sure your huge cock will break her from the inside out! This barely-legal babe has expressive blue eyes, the cutest smile, and a perfectly proportioned body with perky tits and a fresh pussy just waiting for you to pop her cherry. Despite her innocent looks, Chloe is a massive nympho, and she’s starving for dick— your dick, specifically. Today, you both have a date, and she’s got her stockings on, a short black skirt that barely covers her assets, and a tiny white top. You’re a bit late, but that’s fine. Chloe passes the time by licking a huge “lollipop,” imagining it’s your dick she sucking right now. Get your VR headset on because Chloe Cherry is expecting you, and she’s excited to get to know you more before showing you what a slutty teen like her is all about! This young vixen is a master at letting the sensual tension build, so she’s sure you’re all fired up to go the moment you slide that hard dick into her dripping wet pussy. She treats you to a sexy masturbation solo, fingering herself until she can’t take it anymore. Sit back and enjoy Chloe Cherry as she gives you all of her attention!

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