Can You Help With My Confidence? Starring Jenna Noelle - VR Hush

Can You Help With My Confidence? Starring Jenna Noelle - VR Hush

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  • Studio: VR Hush (208 videos)
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  • 11 Mar 2021
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Jenna Noelle is a fantastic teen ballerina. She’s the whole package— beautiful, flexible, and can execute any routine she wants. But there’s one problem. She needs A LOT of help about her confidence, and she turns to you for that. You’re her therapist and it’s your job to help this babe become more confident as a ballerina and a person during every appointment. Jenna absolutely loves her sessions because she finds you incredibly attractive. During today’s session, she has other ideas. She’s not looking for advice or someone to listen. She wants YOU. Jenna Noelle starts her ballerina routine in front of you, and it’s hot as fuck. You’re getting hard and she knows it, so she grabs your rock-hard cock and uses it for stress relief. As her therapist, you can’t say no— your client needs your support, and she’s going to get it up her trimmed pussy. Specifically, you’re giving it to her doggy style, cowgirl style, reverse cowgirl, and deep in her ass in hardcore anal. You and your cock are going to test this brunette ballerina’s flexibility, with fingering and masturbation action in between, plus a blowjob. Jenna Noelle will get the best therapy session of her life today, culminating in a hot and thick cumshot all over this hottie.

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