Can’t Wait To Strip Featuring Frankie L - ZexyVR

Can’t Wait To Strip Featuring Frankie L - ZexyVR

    • 60 FPS
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  • Studio: ZexyVR (144 videos)
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  • 07 Apr 2021
  • Download: MP4, 99.17 Mb

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Frankie was out and about playing sports all day long. She is tired and very sweaty. She could not wait to get home and strip all her clothes off. As she was doing this, you were there. Watching her taking off each piece of clothing bit by bit. She sees you and starts putting on a show. She is now in her really sexy lingerie set, laying down on the couch, as she teases you by toying with her bra strap. She is looking at you with a very sexy and seductive look as well. She squeezes her boobs with her bra until she finally takes them off. Very slowly. You are anticipating what she does next. She reveals her perky and large breasts to you. Lays back down for a better view. She massages her boobs and you can tell that she likes it. She likes being touched. She rubs her legs together like you know she is getting aroused down there. She lays on her side and now she is toying with her panty straps. You want her to take it off. She does not quite do that yet. She just keeps moving, showing you all the angles of her curvaceous body. She stands up and shows off her huge ass. You want to slap it. You move in closer and she is still just showing off her hot body and teasing you. She starts touching her boobs again and standing back up. She gives you a closer look of those huge breasts. Finally after a long teasing, she takes off her sexy black panties. You get a great view of her clean little pussy. You know that it will be so tight. Again, she touches herself in front of you. Looking at you with a more seductive look. She is just begging for an orgasm.

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