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Bad Mamacita Pamela Castro - VR Latina

Bad Mamacita Pamela Castro - VR Latina

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  • Studio: VR Latina (173 videos)
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  • 18 Aug 2020
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Pamela Castro is that kind of mamacita who eats white boys like you for breakfast. You know going in that this busty bad bitch is going to choke your dick all the way down her throat and get mad if you don't hold her head down. Sure, she might pretend to be shy at first, but you don't walk in with a body like that on a VR Latina shoot if you're not ready to destroy some white dick. She knows exactly how to work over your dick too, going from her hands to her mouth to her super tight pussy. Basically the only thing you're missing out on is her ass and you get to watch that bouncing on your cock anyway.

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