Bad Breakup - Samantha Rone - Reality Lovers

Bad Breakup - Samantha Rone - Reality Lovers

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  • 08 Dec 2017
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Samantha Rone is your long-time friend who you always had a crush on. Unfortunately, she's dating a macho boyfriend who is essentially a really terrible person. One day, she storms into your apartment and cries that the said boyfriend just broke up with her. He really didn't treat her well, he even hated her singing - and Samantha sings like an angel, right? She can prove it to you. But now she needs some care and distraction - to get her mind off this horrible breakup. Is this really happening? Your dream is starting to come true... she finally wants to have sex with you, after all these years.

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Samnatha Rone has the most delicious phat ass ive ever seen. thank you!!

George C. 3 years ago
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