All American Girl Candice Dare - VR Allure

All American Girl Candice Dare - VR Allure

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  • Studio: VR Allure (46 videos)
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  • 13 Dec 2020
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Candice Dare is the ultimate “All American” Girl. A cute smile, blonde hair, and a personality that just drips confidence and sensuality. One of those chicks you could meet at a bar and instantly fall in love with. You know, the type where you meet one time and all you can do is dream about bringing her home and fucking the night away. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what is going down at VRAllure today. You get the beautiful Candice Dare all to yourself. You get to stare straight at her eyes while she begs you to give her another orgasm while riding your cock. This is a scene that is going to live on in your wildest dreams for years to cum…

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