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A Warm Invite From Alya Stark - Virtual Taboo

A Warm Invite From Alya Stark - Virtual Taboo

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  • 02 Oct 2020
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You do what you've gotta do in the gig economy, and you've been delivering food for a while to pay the bills. One of your best customers is Alya Stark, and she just happened to open the door wearing some of the hottest lingerie you've ever seen. Turns out it wasn't originally for you, because she was planning to surprise her boyfriend since it's their anniversary today, but he had the audacity to stand her up so it's pretty much over between them. Alya's all dressed up and she's officially on the market, so you don't even have to feel guilty about shooting your shot right here. She's going to give you a little strip show and it's up to you whether you're going to give her an extra special delivery today.

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